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Inventory of Difference Businesses and their Types

Inventory aka Stock which business holds the goods and materials for resale. Generally understood the term, Inventory means the physical stock of goods kept in store to meet the anticipated demand. Every company needs goods or materials for multiple purposes and maintains them on hand at or near to a business location so that the firm may meet the demand and fulfill its reason for existence. The pace at which the inventory gets converted into finished goods and the finished goods get sold and get converted into revenue is also called inventory turnover.

Every company has inventory in a different form. Three businesses are merchandise, manufacturing, and Service. Out of these inventory plays a major role in merchandise and manufacturing than Service-based companies. Inventory in a service context is quite difficult to explain and intangible.

Following are the different types of inventory:
Raw MaterialsWork in ProcessFinished GoodsPacking MaterialsMRO SuppliesRaw Materials
Raw materials…
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A Perfect Inventory Tracking that will help to grow your business

Most of the small business owners still count or tracking their inventory by hand write and key in data. They are updating, maintaining and controlling inventory system manually without using any technical system. Business owners should realize this manual inventory tracking.

A transition from a traditional inventory tracking into an automated tracking system will save time, money and resources. Perfect Inventory Management Software will help business owners as well as employees involved in the case of time and accuracy.
No More Spreadsheet Utilizing Excel sheet to track inventory may cut the cost of an organization. It may be perfect for start-up and small businesses even medium-sized businesses may struggle with inventory tracking by excel sheet.
For enterprises managing and tracking all inventory using excel is not a cup of tea. It is hard to handle tracking inventory, order, sales and dozens of other functions only by Excel Sheet. Using an Excel sheet to track inventory is outdated th…

Common ERP Mistakes & How To Avoid Them | Letosys

Implementing an ERP framework is a distinct advantage for associations. It guarantees to enhance efficiency, streamline work process, reduce costs and augment the main issue, however, what number of horror stories have you heard about projects running after some time or worse still, flopping totally?
Be impossible in your planning

Planning is vital to the accomplishment of any ERP venture. Organizations regularly belittle the time and assets required to actualize another arrangement. Lead an inward review of procedures as it features regions where the new arrangement can be utilized to accomplish the most extreme effect and work with a decent outsider execution accomplice to outline and convey your new ERP arrangement. They will be extremely valuable.

Don’t undertake active load testing

The solidness and robustness of your ERP arrangement must be evaluated with dynamic load testing in light of true projections and recreations. It can't be legitimately tried by a little arrangement of …

4 Simple Steps to an Effective ERP Strategy | Letosys

Looking at the big picture and seeing how different choices do (or don't) line up with our general corporate procedure are two of the greatest difficulties with the present endeavor advancements. An excessive number of organizations center around innovation without guaranteeing those innovation choices are lined up with overall corporate systems, which prompts over interest in superfluous programmingand poor return on profit.
Understand your incumbent system
You’ve decided to purchase a new ERP system, Great! Kudos to you.There are many reasons a new ERP system will be sourced, but you’ve to understand that the implementation of a new ERP system will not simply create an ROI or solve the issues of your business. You have to understand that the ERP system is a tool and improving the way a business uses the tool can reap benefits.

Homework and Collaboration
Once a business has thought of clear characterized objectives that the new ERP framework must accomplish and characterize some …

Important Benefits Of Inventory Management Software | Letosys

Inventory Management is one of the major key features for a successful business especially if you’re in the trading or production business. Finding the right software to manage your inventory is very difficult when there are thousands of software available in today’s market. To find your perfect inventory software, first, you just need to know the benefits of the inventory software.

Safe & Secure
Leto Inventory software is safe and secure as each user has restricted access to the software. It is also safe as all data enters an RDBMS owing to its base in an ERP.
All functions of real business are mapped into the Leto Inventory software creating a virtual business environment. It is also integrated. So if you create an invoice, it automatically updates the Accounting Book and the Stock card. If required, it will also create an entry into customer statement, sales ledger, etc.

Through a system of Messaging & Alerts, it prompts the user to take timely act…

8 Best Features of Human Resource Management Software | HRMS | Letosys

HRMS, Human Resource Management System is a complete tool which helps simplify and optimize your human resources management from Employee recruitment to Payroll Process. HRMS becomes an important and necessity from small to large organization in this modern era. If you're unsure about HRMS, Don't worry, I have listed out the features of our Leto HRMS software for better understanding.


Leto HRMS software helps save a tremendous amount of time and money for an organization by recruiting top talents through various recruiting sites. You can also schedule interviews and can label resumes as Shortlisted/ Rejected/ Approved which helps in tracking the candidate form beginning to end. Onboarding process can also be made simpler and efficient after the interview process

Employee Management

Leto HRMS helps to store information electronically which improves efficiency in recording and finding information. This is a huge advantage for an organization since you can retrieve the in…

How Cloud is important and a necessity to organize your HR department & Cost Reductions | HRMS | Letosys

Using the Cloud, companies have the ability to reduce the IT cost by 30 percent approximately. Our modern HR systems are a perfect combo of SMAC (Socials, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud) to get maximum returns on investments.
Small and medium enterprises that have minimum employees and Multinational companies with thousands of employees find it extremely challenging to keep an organized record of each and every employee.
Managing information with traditional on-premise software is too much a burden on the HR Department. Cloud technology makes it better and more of a self-service system, where the information is stored in real-time and users can access the information from anywhere. It is much better than paperwork, which is definitely more prone to damage and loss. Nowadays Industry experts are sharing their details through Cloud, It also helps the HR system in minimizing paperwork and Employee data losses.
The challenge of providing access for Employee Self-Service has made easier in…